"Jotriwal Computers & Type College" is a professionally (Information Technology) IT Services Provider and Common Services Center under the E-Governance Services India Limited of Digital India Programs in district Hisar, Haryana state.

Common Service Centers (CSC) are physical facilities for delivering Government of India e-Services to rural and remote locations where availability of computers and Internet was negligible or mostly absent. They are multiple-services-single-point model for providing facilities for multiple transactions at a single geographical location.

CSCs are the access points for delivery of essential public utility services, social welfare schemes, healthcare, financial, education and agriculture services, apart from host of B2C services to citizens in rural and remote areas of the country. It is a pan-India network catering to regional, geographic, linguistic and cultural diversity of the country, thus enabling the Government's mandate of a socially, financially and digitally inclusive society.

Jotriwal Computers & Type College are  provide Information Technology Service Management (ITSM), the activities that are performed by design, plan, deliver, operate and control information technology (IT) services offered to customers.

We collaborate with our clients to develop a plan that enables their IT systems to run at peak performance and in alignment with the future direction of their company.

Achieving business goals is extremely challenging if your IT infrastructure isn’t up to par, which is why our experienced team of IT professionals will analyze and manage the development of an effective plan that will provide the IT capabilities required to achieve your business goals.

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